Tony Wheeler, DB Breweries

Tony is senior marketing manager at DB Breweries, and a firm believer that it is up to businesses and brands to make change. Over the past three years he has ensured that sustainability is embedded into the DB Export brand.

Through DB Export Brewtroleum (biofuel made from beer waste) and DB Export Beer Bottle Sand (recycling glass into construction sand), he has helped bring sustainability to life for the public. He has made a tangible impact on reducing the environmental footprint at DB and beyond. These initiatives gained 400 million social and media impressions globally and won a Grand Prix at the Cannes international festival for creativity.

Tony’s ideas, initiative and leadership have led to more than 100 tonnes of glass being diverted from landfill through Beer Bottle Sand. However his biggest impact is inspiring Kiwis to turn their ‘can do’ sustainability ideas into ‘done’, through promoting how creativity and collaboration can help save the world. Through his actions he has also helped shift the mind-set of DB’s employees around sustainability.