Tranzit Group

This year Tranzit Group launched New Zealand’s first commercially-operated battery-powered electric bus through a contract with Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Tranzit operates staff and student shuttles between AUT’s three main campuses, transporting more than 270,000 passengers annually. EV1 is a 35-seater bus. It has become part of the AUT shuttle fleet, replacing its diesel equivalent. It provides sustainable transport for hundreds of students every day and operates as a mobile research tool providing vital data to understand the economics and performance of electric buses on NZ roads.

Tranzit Group’s commitment to implementing electric buses on AUT’s shuttle service has been a catalyst for introducing a fleet of 100% battery powered electric buses into Wellington for urban services. It has put 10 fully electric double decker buses into Wellington, with a further 22 on the road by 2021.