Wā Collective

Wā Collective exists to end period poverty, period waste and the period taboo. Its marketing strategy is to educate Kiwis, specifically 20 – 36 year-olds, about the benefits of switching to a reusable, gold standard Wā menstrual cup instead of using disposable tampons and pads.

The company uses humour, coupled with an open and frank approach to talking about menstruation. This breaks down barriers and allows for engaging conversation and education.

Wā Collective has reached hundreds of thousands of people through online communications, including paid advertising, organic reach, partnerships and media coverage. It has prevented 465,000 disposable menstrual products from entering landfills this year alone. This has saved $160,000 that would have been spent on these products each year. The communications impact has been achieved largely through time and strategic partnerships, starting from next to no seed funding.