Yoogo Share

Yoogo Share is a 100% electric car sharing service. It is the first of its kind in New Zealand. Founded in Christchurch in February this year, it is now expanding to Auckland.

Yoogo targets three elements of smart mobility: reduced congestion, reduced environmental impact and improved utilisation of the NZ car fleet. It has a fleet of 100 vehicles in Christchurch. All are 100% electric: a mix of BMW i3s and Hyundai Ioniqs. There are 3,000 members, including both business and private users.

Yoogo focuses on driver education and making its service easy to use, with a 24 hour support service. It has built its own charging infrastructure so cars are always fully charged for the next user. In Christchurch there are 100 charging stations in easily accessible hubs.

In the first six months since launch, Yoogo saved 40 tonnes of carbon in Christchurch alone.