Z Energy

Good in the Hood is Z Energy’s flagship community programme. It gives back to local neighbourhoods to support the things that matter locally and to make a positive contribution right across New Zealand.

Every year, all Z stations give away $5,000 to neighbourhood groups. That’s more than $1 million across the country to do Good in the Hood. More than 550 community groups are supported across the country every year. Not only is there a financial contribution, but being part of Good in the Hood provides lots of local groups and branches of charities with the opportunity to leverage being part of a nationally recognised programme at a local level.  This leads to more funding, more volunteers and connections to like-minded people.

Z has been helping groups do good in our neighbourhoods since 2012, giving away more than $1 million each year. Good in the Hood is the ultimate in keeping it local. Instead of someone in head office deciding who to support, Z’s people on the ground choose the groups they’d like to get behind.