Maggie Hewitt – Founder/Designer, Maggie Marilyn

Maggie founded her fashion label Maggie Marilyn on the belief that the fashion industry needs to be revolutionised to ensure absolute transparency, the wellbeing of all in the supply chain, and the shift to a circular regenerative model. Her environmentally aware approach ensures no garments are landfilled or incinerated – and extends to the use of cassava root bags for packaging.

Maggie has stuck to those founding values in the adoption of her 2020 Sustainability Strategy and continues to be a key player in the conversation around sustainability in fashion globally.

She is frequently interviewed on discussion panels as the face of the brand and she speaks with courage, conviction and determination.

Maggie and her brand have a large following of influential global figures including the following women who have worn her outfits in public outings or publicity shoots: Meghan Markle (The Duchess of Sussex), Jacinda Arden, Olivia Firth and Kate Hudson.