Guide to Sustainability Certifications

A plethora of sustainability certifications is now available for organisations to show independent verification of their commitment to sustainability. But which to choose? Read on to find out about our Guide to Sustainability Certifications.

Certificiations imageIn recent years there has been an explosion in sustainability certifications as producers clamour to wave their sustainability credentials. While third party verification can often be helpful for businesses and consumers, the sheer number of certifications means it can be hard to distinguish between them. Which are the most rigorous and which are simply a rubber stamp?

We’ve put together a guide to the leading sustainability certifications available in New Zealand.

Factors to consider when selecting a sustainability certification:

  1. Which certifications are the most widely recognised in your industry?
  2. Which are the most important certifications included in corporate or council procurement policies?
  3. How much does it cost to achieve certification, in both time and finances? Is this good value for your business?

SBN is currently researching sustainable procurement, working with corporates and councils to find out which certifications are most commonly used. We will be producing a guide to sustainable procurement. If you’re interested in being involved please contact us.

Click here to read the SBN Guide to Sustainability Certifications.