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A unique sustainable business advisory service. We’re here to help you!

SBN Advisory offers the expertise at the heart of its Network directly to business. It provides businesses with the capability to succeed sustainably and meet their sustainability aspirations.

SBN Advisory staff have extensive and varied experience in sustainable business within New Zealand’s unique market conditions. They work as trusted partners and collaborators across the Network.

SBN Advisory applies this expertise to your business, whether you are an owner-operator or a household name. We provide robust independent advice. We assist with sustainability strategy, issues identification and implementation, using reality-hardened tools and processes.

We can:

  • Assess your current sustainability performance and provide a pathway to reach your aspiration
  • Identify your business’ environmental and social impact. What do you control? What can you improve?
  • Align and integrate sustainability into your business strategy
  • Offer practical implementation tools and advice
  • Establish collaboration projects to shape your sector

SBN CEO Rachel Brown says: “This is something people have been asking from us for years. SBN Advisory offers exclusive time with our experts in bespoke packages to meet the immediate sustainability needs of your business.”

Whether you are starting out or standing out, give James or Phil a call, or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

James 021 686 155 or Phil 021 835 146

The SBN Advisory team

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown CEO, Sustainable Business Network

As founder and CEO of SBN, Rachel has played a critical role in advancing sustainable business for more than 15 years. She is a regular presenter, collaborator and driver of action within NZ business. She has many years of technical experience with a range of sustainability assessments and sustainability reporting tools.

James Griffin

James Griffin General Manager Projects and Advisory

James has an extensive commercial background and deep understanding of strategic sustainability issues having previously worked for international and local organisations in the Food and Beverage sector. He has worked at the SBN since 2010 and leads the Advisory and Projects elements of the organisation. His particular focus area is the Circular Economy.

Samuel McGlennon

Samuel McGlennon Project Lead, Community

Sam has long been dedicated to meeting the challenges of sustainability, including as an environmental and resource policy analyst for the Australian Prime Minister’s department. Most recently he completed his PhD exploring the business, politics and policy of international trade in deforestation commodities.

Phil Jones

Phil Jones Project Lead, Renewables

Phil brings over 10 years of experience helping organisations improve their sustainability performance, with a particular focus on strategy, carbon, energy, waste and procurement.  As well as the advisory work, he also leads SBN’s renewables transformation area, focusing on smart transport. He has a background in commercial project management and structured systems design and development.

Andy Kenworthy

Andy Kenworthy Communications

Andy has worked on sustainable business communications and fundraising since 2000. His work has spanned the globe across all economic sectors – from field reporting in the Amazon to writing innovation guides for entrepreneurs. He has also been a lead writer on sustainable business for The New Zealand Herald, Idealog magazine and others. His focus is on authenticity – how organisations clearly and honestly demonstrate their desire to do good.