Get to grips with your packaging gripes

By Andy Kenworthy

This year’s expanded Packaging Masterclass is on Thursday, 2 September. It’s an unmissable opportunity for anybody working with packaging in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Kiwis are changing the way we deal with packaging. This means tough new challenges for businesses, but it is also opening up whole new markets. It’s time to book your spot now at our Masterclass. It will help you stay ahead of the risks, responsibilities and opportunities. But be quick, as early bird spots are already selling.

The full day live event has been created in partnership with Foodstuffs, thinkstep ANZ and NZ King Salmon. It’s sponsored by Sealed Air and AUT. It builds on a successful series of events that has been running for the past two years. This has brought together all the major players in packaging. You’ll be working with producers, users, recyclers, innovators and regulators.

Together we’ll be addressing the whole system. We’re creating best practice by sharing the challenges, the latest news and the new ideas. This process has also already spun off several successful B2B collaborations.

Register now and you’ll get access to all the latest insights. You’ll have a chance share your views and concerns. You’ll get answers to your questions from the experts, live and face to face. You’ll make the connections you need.

Kate Haselhoff, senior project and partnership manager, leads SBN’s work in this area.

“We’ve made great progress on plastic packaging in the Masterclasses,” she says. “We’re now expanding this to take in all forms of packaging. We’re opening the process up into a larger full-day event to give access to more businesses. We’ll be meeting the inter-connected challenges in plastics, fibre, compostable packaging and more.”

A nationwide rethink on packaging was triggered in 2017, when China banned foreign rubbish shipments. The Government added momentum in 2019 with the plastic bag ban. It has done so again more recently, signalling a ban on a raft of single-use plastics by 2025. There’s also more government funding available to tackle waste, including support for packaging innovation.

“This is a mega trend that is not going to stop, and things are changing fast,” says Kate. “Every business with any kind of packaging needs to be on top of this.”

Many smart Kiwi businesses have already responded. Many have signed up to global plastic packaging commitments. These include commitments to eliminate problematic or unnecessary lines, shift from single-use to reuse, ensure 100% of the materials can be easily and safely reused, recycled, or composted and significantly increase plastic reuse, recycling and remanufacture into new packaging or products. With a target date of 2025, there’s only four years left to make good on these promises. Joint efforts like the Masterclass will be vital.

Book now, or contact kate@sustainable.org.nz/027 332 0411 to find out more.