Making the most of the Network

We want you to get maximum value from your investment in the Sustainable Business Network.

SME starting out in sustainability?

Wise Boys Burgers

“Helped us believe in ourselves at a very early stage of the business.”

SME trailblazing on sustainability?

Kath Dewar, Founder and Managing Director, GoodSense, SBN Board Member

“I was seriously considering getting out of marketing in 2003 ... but then I joined the Sustainable Business Network and found so many great organisations doing great work which needed help from marketers who shared their values.”

Individual/sustainability professional?

John Berry, CEO, Pathfinder Asset Management

“On the SBN course as a group we covered how to make change by thinking differently and how to

take other people with you. The course absolutely helped me test ideas and shape my thinking.

The course provides a trusting place to open up, challenge and innovate. It helped me shape my thinking and gave me the confidence to launch.

Pathfinder KiwiSaver (initially called CareSaver) launched about six months after I finished the course. In a year and a half since it has grown to over $75 million, generated market leading investment returns and raised around $150,000 for our 17 charity partners.”

Major business?

Jess Rodger, Sustainability Manager, IAG

“We’re currently working on a review of our corporate vehicle fleet, and we have connected with a number of other organisations in both the public and private sector through the Leaders Group who are on the same journey. Sharing experiences and potential solutions with these organisations has been invaluable.”