Climate Action Toolbox FAQS

Q: Where can I find the Climate Action Toolbox

A: The toolbox is hosted on the award-winning platform which provides tools and expert advice from government and industry, designed to help Kiwi businesses save time and succeed. Go to

Q: Why is the toolbox hosted on that platform?

A: All Kiwi businesses have a role to play in reducing our emissions. Hosting the toolbox on the platform helps more businesses access the tool and promotes the widespread adoption of climate action.

Q: Who will find it useful?

A: The toolbox is designed for small and medium businesses, but can be used by any business wanting to take climate action. It will help businesses that want to reduce emissions but may be unsure how to get started. It will also help businesses wanting to increase what they’re already doing. Smaller businesses in particular often have limited funds and time, and can find the array of existing tools confusing. The toolbox makes it easy for them to act on climate.

Q: What business sectors is it aimed at?

A: The toolbox should provide value to businesses in most sectors. The toolbox will be updated to provide more sector-specific information and actions.

Q: What does it do?

A:  The toolbox starts with a simple self-assessment which helps identify the key areas in your business where emissions can be reduced. It then provides a range of options with step by step guides for taking action, along with links to other information to help you. It allows you to create an action plan that you can review and update anytime.

Q: What information is available in the toolbox?

A: The toolbox includes more than 40 actions for reducing emissions over five key areas – transport (moving people and goods), office operations, site operations and equipment, and the design and making of products. Each action includes a step by step guide and links to more details. It also includes inspiring case studies of Kiwi business already taking climate action.

Q: How much time does it take to use the toolbox?

A: We know time can be a barrier so we’ve made the toolbox super easy to use. The first step is a self-assessment which will only take a few minutes. After that you’ll be presented with a range of actions you can take. You can drill down for more detail or shortlist your favourite ideas. You can then save your plan and come back whenever you have time to learn more or update progress.

Q: How is it different from other carbon tools for businesses?

A: The toolbox focuses on providing you with a range of actions to reduce emissions, tailored to your business. Most other tools are designed to measure emissions. They usually provide ways to offset those emissions rather than reducing them. The toolbox includes links to established carbon footprint calculators and offset providers.

Q: What does it cost?

A: The toolbox is free to use thanks to the collaboration of seven leading organisations that believe climate action needs to be integrated into the way we do business in Aotearoa.

Q: Who is behind the toolbox?

A: Led by the Sustainable Business Network and the Ministry for Business, Innovation & Employment, the group includes BNZ, EECA, NZ Trade & Enterprise, Meridian Energy and Waka Kotahi (NZ Transport Agency). The toolbox has been co-designed and developed with design consultancy DNA.

Q: Is there any support to use the toolbox?

We run in-person and online events for business groups that focus on a specific sector or region. For more details contact You can also check out our webinar series from May 2021 to learn how to get the very best out of the Climate Action Toolbox.  Each webinar in the free series focuses on one of the five key areas in a business where emissions can be reduced.

Moving People
Office Operations
Moving Goods
Site Operations & Equipment
Designing & Making Products

Q: Can a business keep using the toolbox?

A: Yes. You can save your action plan and come back to it at any time from any device.

Q: Does it help calculate a business’ carbon footprint?

A: The toolbox does not measure emissions. It provides information about calculating your emissions along with direct links to recommended online calculators and providers of carbon footprint certification.

Q: What if I’m already involved with another carbon programme? Is it still useful?

A: Yes, most other carbon programmes focus on measuring emissions. That’s a good start. You can then use the toolbox to get tailored advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Q: What benefits does a business get from using the toolbox?

A: The toolbox is simple to use and it’s free. It makes it easy to find all the information you need. No more searching countless websites that can leave you feeling confused. Get advice tailored to your business and create an action plan with step by step guides for reducing emissions.

Q: What are the benefits to a business of reducing emissions?

A: Taking action on climate has a range of benefits for all businesses. They include saving money, boosting sales and your reputation, attracting and keeping staff, and inspiring other businesses to be more sustainable. There is a growing expectation among NZ consumers and employees that businesses need to address their impacts on climate change. Some overseas markets are more advanced in climate action and there is a growing need for exporters to meet their expectations.

Q: Can smaller businesses really make a difference to reducing NZ’s emissions?

A: As 97% of businesses in NZ are small to medium sized, they have an important role to play in reducing emissions. To make that happen now they need support from government, larger companies and the financial sector. The more businesses that get involved, the bigger the impact.

Q: Can larger businesses use the toolbox?

A: Larger businesses may find it helpful, especially if they’re looking for ways to reduce their emissions. They can also promote climate action by sharing the toolbox with the many smaller businesses that are their customers and suppliers.