Starter Q&As for Suppliers

Reviewing your organisation is the first step to learning about the sustainability of your supply chain. This tool makes it easy to see how you’re doing in six key areas: keeping workers healthy & safe, upholding workers’ rights, eliminating modern slavery, reducing carbon emissions, reducing waste, and nature regeneration.

Use our series of Q&As to review your business, then share them with others throughout your supply chain so they can do the same.

Where you are doing well, you'll get information on how to share that sustainability achievement with your customers and networks. This can give you a competitive edge when bidding for contracts. It can also help increase sales.

Where there is room for improvement, you'll get information to help you meet minimum standards and develop best practices. Plus, you’ll get links to more tools and helpful resources.

Checklist - Starter Q&As for Suppliers

Record your answers so they're always at your fingertips.