Whenua Iti Outdoors

Whenua Iti Outdoors lives and breathes its vision: experiential learning inspiring positive change. Through outdoor experiences it creates opportunities to develop resilient, compassionate and engaged rangatahi (youth aged 12-24).

Programmes are co-designed with communities. Activities and goals are specific to a group or individual. They focus on personal growth and employment prospects, passion for the environment, community and culture under the umbrella of kaupapa Māori.

Many rangatahi start with poor employment prospects. Whenua Iti Outdoors helps them to develop positivity, self-management, collaboration, communication skills and more. The team works hard to ensure it can meet the needs of all participants and to remove barriers to participation. It supports rangatahi returning to their community to ensure the benefits of the programmes are long lasting. The national NCEA Level 2 credits pass rate is 82% for Pākehā and 71% for Māori. The Whenua Iti pass rate is 95%.

In 2019 the organisation worked with nearly 3000 individuals, delivering over 10,000 participant days of outdoor experiences.