Good Food Nation

VISION – every meal in New Zealand should feature food that is good for the people, our society and our natural environment

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What do we mean by ‘good food’?

  • Legal, safe, healthy and nutritious
  • Contributes to local economies
  • Reduces ‘waste’ and inefficiencies
  • Protects water, soil and biodiversity
  • Is transparent about where it comes from and how it is grown and cared for
  • Recognises and enhances cultural diets and food practices
  • Increases the market share for good food

Reducing food waste

We are working with leading New Zealand food businesses on pre-consumer manufacturing food waste. We’re researching waste flows, quantities and types of waste. We are researching the feasibility of introducing solutions like anaerobic digestion to turn this waste into a resource.

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The Good Food Boost

Since 2014 we have run an annual free food business mentoring competition. This has provided mentoring from some of the country’s top food professionals for fledgling good food businesses. We are helping the next generation of successful Kiwi food businesses to be all about good food. The Good Food Boost takes place in Auckland and Wellington.

Keen to get involved? Contact [email protected] (Auckland) or [email protected] (Wellington)

The National Good Food Network

In 2015-16 we created a vibrant network of 13 groups working together on food issues. We connected, inspired and trained them on how to strengthen their regional food systems.

This network took in services affecting one million New Zealanders. It included 10 Healthy Families organisations from areas with above average rates of preventable chronic diseases and/or deprivation.

This provided deep and systemic insight into food rescue, food literacy, public health and access to healthy foods. From this we know there is a very important role here for food businesses ready to help.

We’re looking for businesses interested in taking this work further.

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Training and advice to New Zealand’s food sector

We provide in-house business support to create successful good food businesses.

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