24 May 2023 Case Studies

From Landfill to Refill: Craft Brewers tap into sustainable packaging

Circular Economy Directory lister Again Again is spearheading a pioneering project to trial reusable packaging in the craft beer industry, supported by co-funding from the Ministry for the Environment's Te Tahua Pūtea mō te Kirihou Auaha - Plastics Innovation Fund, Garage Project, and the Glass Packaging Forum.

“Again Again has hit the bullseye,” says Glass Packaging Forum Scheme Manager
Dominic Salmon. “They’re tapping into a sweet spot where there’s a great case for
the power of reuse and it’s already taking off. This game-changing project will make
it much easier for businesses and their customers to participate, and could unlock a
massive shift in behaviour to make reuse the new normal.”

The innovation project is in four parts:

  • Technology enhancement. At deployment, consumers will no longer need an app, and retailers won’t need a scan station. Everything will be integrated in some use cases. The standalone system will also remain.

  • Industry consultation. Again Again will take input from all relevant businesses, and from consumers, as to the preferred form factor of a shared interoperable flagon or growler. Steve Almond, Sustainability Manager at Garage Project will complete a LCA from published data to inform our choice of container.

  • The funded establishment of a shared asset pool. Up to 50 breweries and tap houses will be funded to have their reusable assets set up.

  • A behaviour change campaign. A year-long activation campaign is funded that will engage and encourage consumers to borrow and return real packaging and skip the waste.