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Members of the Sustainable Business Network include corporates, small and medium businesses, not for profits and councils. Click on their profiles to find out about their organisations and sustainability actions. Although not featured, our network also includes individuals.
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    The Urban Ecoliving Charitable Trust

    The Urban Ecoliving Charitable Trust (UELCT) is a not for profit charitable trust which was established in December 2007, to inspire New Zealanders to live more sustainably. Our first project is the Tread Lightly Caravan (TLC) which is a mobile environmental education classroom. The TLC has been funded by Ministry for Environment, Auckland City Council, Perry Foundation, Lion Foundation and Read more [...]

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    Planet Protector Packaging

    We’re an innovative, award-winning manufacturer of sustainable thermal packaging made from sheep’s waste wool. Our mission is to remove polystyrene from our planet by providing cost-effective, sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. We design with the circular economy in mind, utilising waste materials and giving them new life through our products. Every year around 8 million metric tonnes of plastic are dumped into Read more [...]

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    Abley is a specialist professional services company with unrivalled abilities in transportation planning and engineering, spatial and data intelligence. We empower our clients to make effective decisions by providing clear, insightful advice. With a legacy of transportation and spatial capabilities, we are recognised on the world stage for our agile approach, innovative thinking and inquisitive minds. Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, we Read more [...]

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    Mainstream Green

    Mainstream Green works with individuals, businesses and councils to create behaviour change. We’re about creating a movement where we are mindful of how we consume and the waste we create. We believe in changing our relationship with stuff. We call it ‘Greenfulness’™. It’s better for our own wellbeing and the planet. We empower people to make simple changes that have Read more [...]

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    All About Promo

    All About Promo is all about helping businesses promote their brands – with promotional gear and uniforms. As NZ’s only carboNZero certified (ISO 14064-1) promo company, All About Promo puts emphasis on sourcing from ethical suppliers and encourages clients to be mindful about what they purchase. Our Family: Visit All About Promo for everything promo. Visit  T H I N Read more [...]

Members of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) are responsible for the wording they put on their directory profiles. SBN does not endorse the content or accuracy of the information provided. SBN advises our members to have evidence to back up all the claims on their directory profile. If you have any questions about a member's profile, please feel free to contact us or contact the member directly.

Showing Members 31-40 of 533