Tools & Resources

SBN provides practical support to our members through sustainability tools and resources, to help you measure your sustainability progress.


We carry out collaborative projects with our members, helping them actively contribute to transforming New Zealand to a model sustainable nation as well as innovating their businesses.

Smart Office Guide

The Smart Office Guide provides the latest at-a-glance best practice in sustainable workplace management.

Leadership in Sustainable Business course

Understand the power of influencing to excel in sustainability. Learn techniques to lead change. This course will start in February 2018.

Performance Report

Our Performance Report details the outcomes and outputs of our work throughout the 2016-17 financial year following the new not for profit reporting framework.

Report: ‘Progressing towards a sustainable New Zealand’

In 2015, the Sustainable Business Network collaborated with hundreds of diverse organisations, large and small, to help bring about a better business future for New Zealand. This report summarises progress in four areas: smart transport, social value, the circular economy, and restorative food and water.

Pathway to Sustainability

Your sustainability journey starts here. Our Pathway to Sustainability comprises practical resources, tools and guides to help your organisation become more sustainable.

Member Offers

Help create demand for more sustainable products and services by purchasing from members of the Sustainable Business Network. These offers are only open to SBN members.

Biofuels guide

Find out everything you need to know about biofuels – facts, tips on using biofuels, benefits and myths – to help you kick your fossil fuel habit and start using biofuels today.

Valuing Your People: how to effectively engage your employees

By valuing your employees and enhancing their engagement with your organisation, you can bring about a raft of benefits that will help grow your business. Find out more in our resource sheet.

Report: “Business Opportunities for a Sustainable NZ”

‘Business Opportunities for a Sustainable New Zealand’ summarises the business opportunities identified by hundreds of organisations, large and small, in smart transport, social value, the circular economy and restorative food.

Sustainable Investment

A survey by SBN has revealed that New Zealanders care deeply about how their KiwiSaver funds are being invested and that they want more sustainable KiwiSaver options.

Course: Sustainable Marketing Online

Upskill yourself in the world’s first online professional course in sustainable marketing, a collaboration between GoodSense Learning, the NZ Marketing Association and Sustainable Business Network.

Community Footprint

A tool that helps business understand its impacts on the community as well as learn how to improve its community footprint.

Million Metres Streams Project

New Zealand’s first conservation crowd-funding website, the Million Metres Streams Project aims to help restore the health of our waterways by speeding up the riparian planting of New Zealand’s streams, rivers and lakes.

Get Sust Online

A quick and easy online assessment tool ideal for businesses of any type or size. It measures progress in five key areas.


Need advice? If you have a sticky sustainable business question, never fear – it’s free for SBN members to ask a question.

Annual Carbon Emissions Calculator

The Annual Carbon Emissions (ACE) Calculator, designed by CATALYST Ltd, is a simple tool to help businesses and households estimate their greenhouse gas emissions. It’s free to use.

Member stories / Case studies

Learn about sustainability success in these case studies of SBN members across four Transformation Areas: renewables, community, mega efficiency and restorative.

Glossary of sustainability

Bamboozled by sustainability jargon? Cut through the mumbo jumbo with our glossary of the latest sustainability buzzwords.

Guide to Sustainability Certifications

A plethora of sustainability certifications is now available for organisations to show independent verification of their commitment to sustainability. But which to choose? Read on to find out about our Guide to Sustainability Certifications.

Partner organisations

We love collaborating with organisations around the world that share our values. These organisations have their own bank of resources to help you on your sustainability journey.

The Circular Economy Resource

The what, how and who of the Circular Economy.  A curated resource of articles, reports and case studies exclusively for SBN members.

The Circular Economy Model Office Guide

Click here to view the Circular Economy Model Office Guide

The 20 Step Guide to Cutting Energy Emissions in your Business

A great guide for small and medium sized enterprises that shows you how to reduce energy use and save money, by Jon Dee. Thank you to Malcolm Rands of ecostore for sharing this.

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