Control weeds and predators

Pest control is an issue that we can all take part in solving.

Taxidermy of stoat killing native bird
Woman holding up weeds after maintenance day

Control weeds

Where to start

DairyNZ has identified seven simple steps to keep your waterways weed-free!  They are: Identify the weed, start small, work in stages, plant up, take care, removal and weed disposal.

Head to page 7 of DairyNZ's Waterway Technote on Pest Plants to learn more about these steps. 

Types of weeds

Learn how to identify weeds

The following resources provide databases with photos and descriptions of common weeds from across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Two woman pulling out wild ginger weeds from planting site

Weed Control Techniques

Tips from our partners

  • Using tools like a flax cutter/”shark” can help to quickly clear weeds around your seedlings. Matuku Link's restoration team swears by them!
  • Ring-barking can effectively kill some species without chemical application. Waiheke Resources Trust has found that ring-barking tree privet is an effective way to kill them naturally. As the privet dies it provides shelter for new native plants.

Further guidance on weed control methods

  • Your Weed Control Guide by Forest & Bird provides guidance on control methods for specific weeds
  • Weedbusters also has detailed information on control methods for different weeds
  • This practical video by DairyNZ demonstrates some common plant-releasing techniques
  • If you are interested in undertaking foliar weed control on a large-scale, learn about how agrichemicals work and the risks involved through a Growsafe course