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How do you help businesses to go circular?

Directory listings are grouped into categories to help users find the circular economy solution they're looking for. For more information about these categories, check out our Listing Criteria. How do you help businesses to go circular? Select all that apply.

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Before completing this section check out our top tips for writing your listing. We include examples so you know information to include and how it will be displayed.

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This is to give users an idea of what your product or service is. There’s space for 2-3 short sentences (max. 300 characters). Note: The first sentence of your intro will appear in the page of search results, so make sure it captures the essence of what you do in 100 characters or less.
This will appear in your listing and explains the product or service you offer (500 characters max).
This will appear in your listing and explains how your product or service can benefit a business (1000 characters max)
Image of your product or service. As a guide, aim for: Up to 1MB in size, Landscape format, 1200px by 800px & a PNG or JPEG. Images with text should be avoided unless text is within a small radius in the center of the image. Please see our image guide at the top of the page.

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This could include links or case studies, customer testimonials, and relevant third party assessments.

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