Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari

Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari combines close public viewing of whales, dolphins and sea birds in the beautiful Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, with important marine science research conducted on board.

Far more than just seeing these magnificent creatures, passengers are immersed in important scientific research conducted on board. They are also able to enjoy an expert education about whales, dolphins and other marine marine-life, all while contributing directly to their protection. This is through a partnership with the Department of Conservation and both Massey and Auckland Universities.

Working alongside key partners, Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari has collectively achieved significant gains with respect to the preservation of species and environment through research, education and awareness, all whilst simultaneously developing a unique visitor experience and thriving business.

For 17 years Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari has been educating passengers about the importance of the Hauraki Gulf and its inhabitants. Alongside this public education it has also provided its vessel the Dolphin Explorer free of charge for the purposes of marine-life and environmental science research efforts. It has voluntarily and directly contributed to dozens of PhD and Masters-level research studies. In the past 12 months alone 15,000 passengers have enjoyed this unique experience.