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Ceres Organics finalist story

Over 30 years ago, Ceres Organics began as an organic vegetable co-op and has grown to offer the most comprehensive range of organic products in Australasia.

The company supplies direct to customers as well as through wholesale distribution to other companies, including major supermarket chains, health food stores, cafés and restaurants.

By offering over 360 different certified organic products, Ceres Organic provides an eco-friendly alternative to most shelf stable grocery items and fresh produce

All food, purchased from growers in New Zealand and around the world, is re-certified organic by Biogro, New Zealand’s leading organic certifier. This ensures all crops have been grown organically – free from chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful toxins.

By supporting organic growers and demanding their products over conventionally grown food, Ceres Organics is helping to reduce the environmental impact on air, land and water. The company has grown to the point where it has an influence in supermarkets and is a leader in New Zealand in making organics more mainstream through distribution.

Ceres Organics is winner of the Restorative Impact category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards