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Christchurch Bike Share

Christchurch Bike Share, known now as ‘Spark Bikes’, is a public bike share system in Christchurch.

It is one of only two such initiatives in the world that have been crowdfunded into fruition. $50,000 was raised from the community through a crowdfunding campaign.  

Currently there are 36 bikes spread across 6 stations in the CBD, with the first 30 minutes of use free. Since its inception in 2015 there have been over 5,000 rides recorded.

The project has two key goals: promoting bike share as part of regenerating the city’s public transport and also connecting fragmented parts of the city.

Public bike share is all about adding a new mode of public transport to the existing transport system. For example, people can take the bus into the city but use the bike share system for the last few blocks of their trip. These multi-modal public transport trips increase the overall uptake and efficiency of public transport trips.

The pilot was launched in August 2015 and will run for two years. Feedback has been positive.  73% of rides to date have been taken by locals and 80% of trips have been free trips (less than 30 minutes). This is in line with the intended impact: short trips within the city, as part of the transport mix.

Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council are helping test integration of the Christchurch Metro Card with the bike share technology. This will be a key step in integrating multi-model transport options.

Christchurch City Council is a finalist in the Renewables Impact category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.