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Cityhop finalist story

Cityhop is New Zealand’s only car sharing company offering cars by the hour. Beginning in August 2007 with only three cars, New Zealand’s first car share company now has almost 40 available in Auckland and Wellington.

Since it began, nearly 5000 individuals and business members have used Cityhop cars.

Car share allows multiple people to share one car by offering access instead of ownership. By replacing the need to own a car, car share supports the use of walking, cycling and public transit. Every car share car takes between 10 and 15 privately owned cars off the road. With 30 cars, Cityhop’s impact is 500-600 fewer cars, preventing 1,135 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted in 2016.

Cityhop is working with Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Health Boards and other large businesses to illustrate that car share creates smaller fleets that are better utilised. Cityhop plans to add 25 cars to the company fleet by December and introduce electric vehicles in upcoming months.

Cityhop is a finalist in the Mega Efficiency Impact category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.