Dee and Steve West, ChargeNet New Zealand

Dee and Steve are ambassadors for electric vehicles (EVs) in NZ, investing a lot of time, money and effort into infrastructure and promotion. This has given car manufacturers the confidence to import more EVs and motivated drivers to buy them.

Dee and Steve have been promoting EVs for five years. They have rolled out a nationwide network of fast chargers, ChargeNet NZ, and initiated and sponsored New Zealand’s first EV expo, EV World. They also founded the Better NZ Trust, to educate and create opportunities for New Zealanders to live more sustainably.

Dee and Steve generously lend their personal fleet of EVs to friends, politicians, journalists, public figures and strangers. They display their vehicles and speak at conferences, corporate events, promotional tours, local events, and fairs. They often speak in primary schools and they sponsor the secondary school Evolocity competition.

Dee and Steve West are finalists in the Sustainability Superstar category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.