Dung Beetle Innovations

Dung beetles offer a natural solution to help New Zealand with two of its biggest agricultural challenges: clean water and sustainability of pastural soils.

Individual farmers have been purchasing dung beetles around New Zealand. However, while this makes a difference to the individual farm, neighbouring farms need to come on board as well, to make a measurable change to the wider environment. Partnerships are essential.

Recognising this, Dung Beetle Innovations formed a partnership with Greater Wellington Regional Council and a catchment of motivated farmers to release dung beetles in Lake Wairarapa. This partnership (rolled out in 2018/19) has resulted in the highest concentration of dung beetles of any region in New Zealand. More than 200 colonies have been seeded across 49 farms (20% of farms in the Akhtar catchment). At large scale, they can become a significant contributor towards freshwater quality.