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Gull New Zealand and DB Breweries – powering cars from beer

In July, New Zealanders became the first in the world to power their cars with commercially-available biofuel made from a by-product of beer.

DB Breweries’ research found that ethanol could be stripped from the yeast slurry created during the brewing process and refined to produce a high grade E10 biofuel. Gull, New Zealand’s leading biofuel retailer, helped DB refine the ethanol and create DB Export Brewtroleum, a blend of 10 per cent refined ethanol and 90 per cent performance premium petrol.

Together Gull and DB Breweries created enough DB Export Brewtroleum to last six weeks and temporally replaced Gull’s existing biofuel, Gull Force 10, at pumps.

DB Export Brewtroleum emits up to 8 per cent less carbon dioxide than other high performance fuels. The 300,000 litres of DB Export Brewtroleum distributed through 60 Gull sites saved an estimated 55 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

For more than eight years, Gull has been providing more sustainable energy to Kiwis in the form of biofuels. Since it started selling Gull Force 10, Gull has sold over 24 million litres of biofuel, resulting in a reduction of 57,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Gull and DB Breweries are finalists in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Renewables Impact category and in the Renewables Innovation category.