Innocent Packaging

Innocent Packaging creates certified commercially compostable packaging made from plants. The company recently teamed up with We Compost to pilot The Full Package. This is New Zealand’s first city-wide café-based compostables collection system.

Begun in 2013, Innocent Packaging aims to ensure everything the company makes can be unmade. All its products are plant based and certified commercially compostable, where they break down into carbon, nitrogen, water and organic matter. The firm now has more than 1,000 active customers. This includes everything from corner cafés to offices, along with big players like Burger Fuel and Mojo Coffee Roasters. Recent growth has been rapid, with a 187% increase in sales from 2017-2018.

This year the team decided to take on the tricky challenge of addressing Auckland’s disposable coffee cup habit. Innocent Packaging formed a partnership with waste management company We Compost. Together they created a pilot programme for on street bin collection for compostable coffee cups and other compostable packaging. The company hopes to continue to explore how to make systems like this permanent in New Zealand.