Iplex Pipelines NZ

Iplex NZ manufactures plastic pipe systems for the plumbing, civil, rural, telecommunication and energy markets. The global plastics problem prompted the company to look seriously at what it could do to make a difference.

It spotted an opportunity to source regrind plastic from used household bottles for use in one of its land drain products, as a substitute for virgin material. These plastic bottles would otherwise have found their way into landfill. Initial trials took place in October 2018 and full production began one month later.

Iplex NZ now uses 25 tonnes of recycled product per month instead of 200 tonnes of new virgin plastic previously.

The key driver was simply to be more responsible with its products. The result supports those in farming or land management to be more sustainable. In March 2019 the project won the Fletcher Building Excellence Award 2019 for Outstanding Environmental Initiative.