Joe Youseff – National Director, All Heart NZ Charitable Trust

Joe is the Founder, National Director and a Trustee of All Heart NZ Charitable Trust.  All Heart NZ helps corporates to re-direct, re-purpose and reduce their waste while supporting community groups throughout Aotearoa and globally. It believes that improving the ways we all source and dispose of ‘stuff’ can positively impact the planet and the quality of life of the people who help produce, reuse and dispose of it.

Since it began in 2016, All Heart NZ has grown significantly. It has supported 145 community groups with corporate items, saving  almost 1,500,000 kg going to landfill. This represents more than $3,800,000 of funds raised or saved by community groups in 18 regions around New Zealand and in Tonga, Fiji, Pakistan, Solomon Islands and the Philippines.

Joe has continually improved and innovated the model for All Heart NZ to ensure it is financially sustainable for the future, but also focused on its mission. He is an advocate for zero waste and champions the call for New Zealand to change procurement practices, educating corporates and networking with other zero waste advocates. He develops partnerships with other organisations in order to create the maximum benefit for those involved.