Munch Cupboard

Munch Cupboard an eco-friendly NZ social enterprise that make alternatives to plastic products for the kitchen and family. Its products range from lunchboxes to natural baby products.  The company has three main social impacts – providing employment for women in need of work, producing waste free products, and advocating for healthy eating.

Munch has sold more than 250,000 plastic-free products, and has engaged with more than a million people to educate about moving to a waste free life.

The products are made by women in low decile areas, with a strong focus on the South Auckland region. Staff are sent weekly boxes to enable them to make products in their own homes.  These women are often unable to leave the house because of small children, the cost of getting to work and the lack of flexible work.

Munch runs the Munch Food Awards campaign, which celebrates the good and bad of what food is on offer to children.  It has produced over 100 healthy recipes through a blog and two cookbooks. It works with more than 50 schools through product fundraising.