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Ooooby: Local food delivered to your doorstep

Ooooby is a new way of shopping for food that passes savings directly onto the growers and customers, and cuts out the middleman. Through an online retail model, shoppers are able to buy direct from local growers and artisan producers.

Ooooby (Out of Our Own Backyards) collects the order, packs it, and then delivers it to your door. Unlike a standard retail model, where growers only get 30% of the retail price, Ooooby pays growers a full 50%. And by contacting the producers regularly to let them know in advance how many boxes they need to fill, the model avoids the waste caused by food being stored and going to waste in the warehouse or the supermarket.

After only 150 trading days, Ooooby has already delivered over 27,000 boxes of local food in Auckland, while contributing over $12,000 worth to Auckland City Mission’s food bank. Customers are paying slightly less than they would in the store, and Ooooby plans to expand the range of products that are available while keeping its supportive and sustainable model.

And just because it’s not near you, you don’t have to miss out: Ooooby encourages and supports other centres to replicate its model, and it’s already been taken up in Sydney.

Ooooby received a Judges’ Commendation in the Mega efficiency Innovation category of the 2013 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.