Transformation Areas

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OptiFleet – enabling informed car purchasing

OptiFleet, a fleet lifecycle management consultancy, offers vehicle solutions to Kiwi businesses, big or small.

It has designed BestCar, a best practice online vehicle tool that connects individuals and businesses purchasing vehicles with the dealers and distributors selling them – the first electronic platform to do so.

The BestCar system sends out the requirements of the purchaser to dealers and distributors who bid for the business and make an offer. BestCar then consolidates all the offers and allows buyers to select the best deal for them, based on options such as safety, value and best fit for their overall requirements.

BestCar provides detailed information to the buyers on the key performance indicators of safety, sustainability and total life costs (traditionally vehicles have been bought on cost alone). By focusing on all these elements the buyer can make an informed decision that could save them money and help the environment.

OptiFleet is a finalist in the Mega Efficiency Innovation category and the EECA Business Energy Management category of the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.