Rangi Ruru Girls School

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School in Christchurch has made positive changes to improve people’s lives with a sustainability philosophy developed by students and staff, and a wellbeing programme.

Rangi is a certified fair trade school. Chefs use free range eggs and locally sourced produce to create fresh, healthy food on-site. All plates, bowls and cutlery used in the school café and boarding house are compostable. Egg cartons and milk bottles are returned to suppliers for reuse. The dining room is open at both interval and lunchtime for people to enjoy food and connect with others.

The school has a Reuse Depot and collects items that can be reused, that would otherwise go to landfill – from soft plastics to mobile phones, bras to medical braces. Many thousands of items have been collected and distributed.

The school promotes sustainable procurement and procedures, using goods and services of high environmental and ethical standards. Conservation and sustainable practices have become embedded in everyday life. The school operates from the belief that individual wellbeing is connected to the health of the community and the natural environment.  In committing to becoming a sustainable school, it believes the health and wellbeing of its community has improved.