Transformation Areas

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Raw Essentials – sustainable pet solutions

Raw Essentials understands how important pets can be to the community, but realises they must be sustainable and not a drain on global resources.

A lifetime of purchasing imported pet products and foods, as well driving them to and from the vet, results in a heavy eco-pawprint on the environment.

Raw Essentials has developed a sustainable pet ownership model that focuses on locally sourced wild prey food, creating good health with real food leading to reduced healthcare costs, encouraging owners to get outside with their pets, and offering only eco-friendly pet care products.

The success of its model has led to Raw Essentials opening nine stores in Auckland and Hamilton, with plans to open more in the near future. Raw Essentials’ future growth will not depend on product export but on exporting its model so that similar sustainable solutions can be developed anywhere.

Raw Essentials is a finalist in the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards in the Restorative Impact category.