SKYCITY + Fonterra Brands (Moo2Shampoo)

This partnership has created the Moo2Shampoo product stewardship initiative. This recycles Anchor lightproof milk bottles used at SkyCafé in Auckland into packaging for the Puriri shampoos and lotions provided in the SKYCITY Grand and SKYCITY Auckland Hotel.

Empty lightproof bottles are collected by Anchor and delivered to Fonterra’s Takanini site. They are mixed with other used lightproof milk bottles, delivered to Auckland-based plastics recyclers Astron Sustainability and ground down into plastic beads. These are delivered to HealthPak in Auckland to manufacture the Puriri bottles. Used Puriri bottles are collected from SKYCITY by EnviroNZ to be recycled again.

Anchor has the capacity to collect 81 lightproof milk bottles per week from SKYCITY. A total of 35,000 bottles a year are needed to meet Puriri’s production needs. The aim for this partnership is to eventually process half of that.