Splore Festival

Splore is an annual three-day music and arts festival with sustainability at its heart. It attracts a diverse audience of 8,500, to camp and enjoy music, performance, wellbeing, art and culture in a pristine corner of coastal Aotearoa. Its message is ‘Love this Place • Leave no Trace’ and its latest campaign dispels the myth that talking about sustainability is boring.

This year’s ‘Spokes-puppets’ campaign made a big noise about sustainability in action. It gained nationwide media attention and facilitated conversations in the Splore community and beyond.

The integrated social media and press campaign was followed up with a Splore survey.

Splore is a trailblazer in the world of sustainable events – it is the first Kiwi festival to win the international A Greener Festival Award for its sustainability initiatives. Splore Festivals, and the campers who attend, honour the land – from eliminating single-use plastic cups and water bottles, to zero waste educators at every bin.  People take sustainable values home to their personal and professional lives.