Transformation Areas

This story reflects success in the highlighted areas.

Steve West – driving technology and collaboration

Steve is an innovator and inventor who is well versed in creating and championing disruptive technology solutions.

Steve co-founded the international audio research company Serato in 1998 and more recently his attention has been on the uptake of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology.

Steve’s focus for the next three years is to roll out the largest fast charging network in the southern hemisphere. He is Managing Director at and Chairman of The Better NZ Trust.

His vision is for business, homes and transport in New Zealand to be powered completely by clean and renewable energy.  To remain at the forefront of his cause he aims to be as transparent and innovative as possible, and to drive change through smart, bold developments. Aware of the issues of EV technology, Steve has invested part of his own wealth in creating the solutions around these issues.

As well as driving the change from fossil fuels to electric, Steve understands that the way forward is through innovation and collaboration. He sees the need for an open platform in which collaboration between the public and private sector is common and the end user is the true beneficiary. This open platform will champion healthy open competition that focuses on development and innovation rather than profit.

A true collaborator, Steve has set up a network of 75 fast DC charging stations, strategically placed throughout the country, allowing an electric vehicle to travel from the Far North to the Deep South of the country.

Steve is a finalist in the Sustainability Champion category of the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.