Tourism Industry Aotearoa

Tourism Industry Aotearoa launched the Tourism Sustainability Commitment at the end of 2017. This helps tourism businesses take practical steps to become more sustainable.

At 10% of GDP and 20% of exports, a sustainable tourism industry has a key role to play in ensuring New Zealand’s overall sustainability.

The Tourism Sustainability Commitment comprises 14 commitments with tangible actions for businesses to incorporate into their day-to-day operations. In just 18 months 1,140 tourism businesses have signed up, 70% of the total Tourism Industry Aotearoa membership.

The campaign avoided paid communications and achieved great results through effective communications and engagement. The campaign involved harnessing the support of industry leaders and partners, participating actively across the industry, sharing success stories, and providing tools and resources that are easy to understand. One year into the campaign, there is already improvement in sustainability practices of the participating businesses.