Waste Management NZ

Waste Management NZ is converting its diesel trucks to electric. In March 2018 the company opened an Electric Vehicle Innovation Hub – New Zealand’s first truck conversion workshop.

Waste Management has partnered with EMOSS, a company based in The Netherlands. Through this partnership the first truck was converted to electric in The Netherlands before joining the NZ fleet. The opening of the EV Innovation Hub is a step change as it enables trucks to be converted locally. EMOSS has provided electric kit sets for the NZ team to fit and assemble, and the initiative has been supported by EECA’s low emission fund.

By the end of the year, Waste Management will have 10 electric trucks on New Zealand roads, the largest EV truck fleet in Australasia. Each truck conversion to electric will save 125 litres of diesel per day. Conversion of the entire fleet would save over 100,000 litres per day. This is not only a huge saving financially, but a substantial improvement in carbon emissions.

The workshop has enabled Waste Management to assist other NZ companies with their own EV conversions.