ADHB: Cost and benefit analysis of soft plastic recycling v landfill disposal

Maria Cashmore, the Sustainability lead at Taranaki District Health Board will present her recent study in soft plastic recycling, the monetary values on intangible benefits and practical applications.

Plastics packaging is highly topical and the health sector can lay claim to using vast quantities of soft plastics from large pallets, cartons and right down to the individual items.

Maria’s soft plastics study has been timely as we prepare a nation-wide study into the types of plastic waste in the health sector.

Maria Cashmore is Taranaki DHB’s Sustainability Lead, a sole-charged role with a broad portfolio encompassing the development and implementation of sustainability strategies, project management and operations.

She worked for the local government and an iwi authority as a technical expert in environmental and resource management for 16 years. Before practising as an environmental expert, Maria was an overseas trained medical technologist and general practitioner prior to earning her post graduate degree in Resource Management & Planning through Massey University.

She was involved in the development of the Resource Management Act’s national planning standards, and provided expert evidence on Taranaki’s first wind farm.

Maria also represented an iwi authority as a technical expert in New Zealand’s first sea bed mining case. She has reviewed and provided expert submissions on several legislations, regional and district plans, policies, strategies and by-laws. She is also a Council member of South Taranaki’s Royal Federation of Justices of Peace.

Please join the zoom link here at 12:00pm on 17 September.

Date and time
Start Date: Fri 17 Sep 2021
End Date: Fri 17 Sep 2021
Time: 12:00pm - 12:45pm
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Online - zoom link in text