Biketober Christchurch

Biketober (= Bike + October) is a celebration of cycling in Christchurch, New Zealand. The month-long festival is for all riders, on all bikes!

Biketober is a month-long festival of cycling held each October in Christchurch, New Zealand. It brings together a diverse range of activities and events for everyone who rides a bicycle, for any reason: transportation, recreation, competition, skills development, social interaction. At its core, the festival is about having fun on a bicycle. And spring is the perfect season for shaking off the winter blues and enjoying some sunshine on a bike. Biketober spotlights Christchurch’s great cycleway infrastructure and shows that most journeys can be made easily, safely, and enjoyable on a bike.

The volunteer Biketober team (with support from Christchurch City Council, plus forward-thinking local businesses and organisations) have curated a diverse programme of bicycling events for you to enjoy. There are guided and self-guided rides, social activities, go-by-bike refreshment stops, bike-repair workshops, seminars, and more. Most events are free. Some of the events happen anyway, but we believe they are worth giving a shout-out. Some of the events are organised by the Biketober team.

There’s also the Biketober Passport – you have the whole month to visit the 40+ Destinations (local businesses and attractions), collect a unique code from each, and be in to win some impressive prizes. Or, the Biketober Passport One-Day Challenge might appeal to you: pedal round all the on-screen destinations in a single day for cycling glory!

Start Date: Thu 1 Oct 2020
End Date: Sat 31 Oct 2020
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