Creating a Sustainable Food Future

Could hemp cheese and cricket flour be the answer to feeding a 2050 global population of 9 billion people? How are technologies like the internet of things and blockchain being applied to cut food waste and improve traceability?

Join the Sustainable Business Network and special guest speakers for an evening of discussion on how such food sector innovation may enable a sustainable food future for the Wellington Region.

This event is possible with the support of Wellington City Council. It’s part of the council’s work to help grow resilience and restorative food systems in the Wellington region.

Our guest speakers for the day are:

  • Melissa Clark – Reynolds (ONZM) – Digital strategist, foresight practitioner and the first independent director of Beef + Lamb NZ. Melissa will be speaking on how innovation in technology might enable more sustainable and efficient food systems and how NZ could lead the way.
  • Livia Esterhazy – as Chief Executive Officer of World Wildlife Fund New Zealand, Livia will be talking about how WWF and its partners are using blockchain technology to improve seafood traceability in the Pacific, a region where illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing remains a persistent problem.
  • Richard Barge – Co-owner of Hemptastic NZ, Hemp Seeds Foods and Deputy Chair of the NZ Hemp Industries Association. Richard will be talking on the potential for hemp as an alternative (high protein) food source, the environmental advantages of growing hemp over other crops, current status of hemp and opportunities for NZ/ Wellington Region.
  • John Hart – Wairarapa Farmer and technology consultant turned cricket farmer for Breadcraft Wairarapa and Rebel Bakehouse. John will tell us about his journey farming crickets, the benefits as an alternative, low impact, high-value protein source and Breadcraft’s focus on future foods.

This is a SOLD OUT EVENT. To register your interest in Creating a Sustainable Food Future, and for tickets (should they come available) here.

Event Type
Date and time
Wednesday 21 Aug 2019
Time: 17:30 - 20:30
Venue and Location
City Gallery Wellington

Te Ngākau Civic Square

Wellington 6011