Secular Priest series on connection

You are invited to a series of sessions exploring the importance of connection to our lives. Each session will cover a different topic and allow time for personal reflection and conversation.

Secular priest is a social experiment led by Niki Harré from the University of Auckland. It investigates if, and how, it is possible to apply some of the insights and practices from religion in a secular context. Here is more on the background to the project. Welcome!

It has three public elements: Services, personal conversations and ceremonies.


Due to Covid restrictions the Sunday sessions in September will be held online, the Zoom links are on the website (note Sunday and Wednesday have different links).

What is the research aspect?

During the sessions I will make brief observational notes on how many people are there, an estimate of the age and gender distribution, and how people are responding to the service. Afterwards I will write reflections on what happened and how sessions could be improved. To the best of my ability, no identifying characteristics will be revealed in any research reports. If you have any concerns you are welcome to talk to me after the session or email me on

Read more about the Secular Priest project and Dr Niki Harre, here.

Start Date: Wed 22 Sep 2021
End Date: Wed 22 Sep 2021
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Phone: 021 027 96822
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