Climate Action 20/25

Climate Action 20/25 is SBN’s major new five-year initiative to accelerate climate action by New Zealand smaller businesses – read our background report

New Zealand’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) need an easy to use programme to lower their greenhouse gas emissions. Climate Action 20/25 is SBN’s major new five-year initiative to provide it. The programme will include online resources, local case studies and integrated low cost training programmes.

Alongside a range of key partner organisations, we are supporting this important sector to accelerate and expand its contribution to New Zealand’s transition to a net zero carbon economy.

Much work has been done on climate change resources for business. But a lot of it is best suited to larger organisations. Meanwhile, SMEs continue to face a range of barriers to their involvement. Time limitations, cost constraints, knowledge gaps, lack of inspiration and limited incentives. Unsurprisingly, only the most motivated are actively working on it. This programme targets the ‘early majority’: those who will take action if it is made easier for them.

Our background report on the project, ‘Climate Action 20/25: Accelerating climate action by New Zealand SMEs’, is available to download here.

Climate Action 20/25 will deliver a range of outputs, including:

Climate Action Toolkit

Our new comprehensive toolkit is being designed to remove the barriers. It will provide each business with a simple self-assessment tool. This triggers an easy to follow step by step ‘climate action journey’ of advice and support.  This is tailored to their specific motivations and conditions. It will connect to good quality existing information, tools and resources. But there will also be new content to fill gaps or limitations in current offerings.

While the toolkit is being developed, take a look at our existing Climate Resources page. It provides information and tips on taking climate action.

Climate Action Case Studies

We are keen to hear from businesses that are already taking action on climate.

Let us know your story and you might be featured in our Climate Action Toolkit which is being released in 2021!

Climate Action 20/25 CO2LABS

The accompanying Climate Action 20/25 CO2LABS series taps into SBN’s expertise in capability building and inspirational events. The half-day workshops will include expertly facilitated sessions on understanding impacts and how to reduce emissions. It will cover areas like carbon footprinting, building energy, transport and freight, waste and supply chain greenhouse gas reductions.

They will be targeting four main centres (Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch) in September and October. These may be held online, depending on Covid-19 restrictions.

The Sustainable Business Awards

Participants in the programme will have a chance for their work to be recognised through two new climate categories in the Sustainable Business Awards, New Zealand’s most prestigious sustainability awards.

Walking the Talk – SBN’s carbon footprint

Find out how the Sustainable Business Network is working to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Climate Action 20/25 is a collaboration between SBN and key public and private sector organisations. We have a small number of partnership opportunities still available. This includes the option to rebrand our materials and resources for your own organisation and much, much more.

Contact if your organisation would like to be involved or to find out more.

Download the background report on Climate Action 20/25

SBN welcomes the support from our Climate Action 20/25 partners:

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