Track your progress and celebrate successes along the way. Check out these easy, quick monitoring tools and resources for monitoring novices, as well as links to more advanced information. 

Close up of Tui bird sitting in front of Harakeke flower
Woman holding clipboard smiling at man in front of flax plants

Why is this important?

Detailed information on setting up photo points

  • See New Zealand Plant Conservation Network's webpage on Photo points
  • Check out NZ Landcare Trust's guide on Photo points (Module 2 of the Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment Kit)

Learn to identify native plants and weeds

Helpful monitoring worksheets and additional guidance

  • Check out Trees That Count’s field sheet to help you keep track of the state of your plantings.
Close up of recently planted seedling alongside a wooden stake

Learn to identify native birds and birdsong

Pest Detective

This interactive online tool will help you identify the presence of animal pests on your site. Check out Pest Detective.

Additional resources from NZ Landcare Trust to help with water quality monitoring

Check out the following guides for how to monitor macroinvertebrates in your stream