Duffle and Co

Duffle and Co is a social enterprise that sells ethically-made, hand-crafted bags. It started out in 2015, aiming to bring about positive environmental and social change through the fashion business. Now it supports talented craftsman in Bali and South Africa, empowering their local communities, and plants trees to restore biodiversity.

Duffle & Co was certified Climate Positive in January 2019, only the second business in New Zealand to do so. It offsets 120% of emissions, leaving a net positive impact on climate. It helps restore biodiversity by planting thousands of trees in New Zealand and overseas. It minimises waste at every step of the supply chain, from upcycling offcuts into small products, partnering with local manufacturers who supply biodegradable packaging, and buying back bags at the end of life.

Duffle and Co’s aim is to grow many micro-businesses, create true social and environmental change, and inspire New Zealanders to consume more sustainably. It spreads the message that quality fashion does not have to cost the earth or those making it.