Flight Plastics

Flight Plastics uses the latest European technology in the country’s first and only PET plastic washplant.

Investment in state-of-the art equipment has enabled Flight Plastics to make and sell packaging products using New Zealand recycled plastics and recycle them back to packaging in the same facility. The wash plant is the first plant in the country to take PET bottles and containers recycled at kerbside and turn them into new food packaging. Every PET bottle or container recycled at Flight is given a new life. This saves importing materials and reduces waste to landfill.

This has been achieved without additional cost to suppliers, customers or consumers. The company has already purchased more than 1.8 million kilograms of waste plastic in New Zealand. The plant is capable of processing 6-8 million kilograms a year. That’s the equivalent of all the PET currently collected in NZ.

The project is a great example of ‘closing a loop’. Flight Plastics began in 2014 by installing equipment to manufacture recycled PET food packaging using imported recycled PET flakes. In 2017 the firm introduced the new machinery to produce high quality recycled PET flake here in New Zealand from material collected at kerbside.