Janette Searle – Managing Trustee, Take my Hands

Janette works across several projects which all have sustainability at their heart.  She is the founder and managing trustee of Take My Hands, which she has grown from a side project to an award-winning social enterprise.

Take My Hands collects usable medical equipment destined for landfill in New Zealand and works with partners in the transport, storage and logistics chain to get that equipment to health providers in the Asia Pacific region, who use it to help people in need.

Janette was also part of the founding team of the [email protected] Collective Impact Initiative that helps keep vulnerable young people engaged in education. She is now facilitating a West Auckland cross sector/cross agency group, involving more than 100 different organisations.  Janette has also contributed to the development of a model that is informing national strategy and practice in the Alternative Education space.

She is a huge advocate for social enterprise with the objective of improving environmental and social sustainability in New Zealand. She has been able to achieve a huge amount with very little.