Kirsten Taylor, The Fermentist

Kirsten is head brewer at The Fermentist, Lion’s new brewery in Christchurch. In an industry that takes a lot of natural resource and energy to create their product, she’s been increasingly motivated to change the way people think about sustainability. She has been the driving force behind the decision to make The Fermentist Lion’s most sustainable brewery.

Kirsten has brought regeneration to life by supporting local wherever possible. She works with a growing pool of ethical suppliers and challenges supply chains. This ranges from staff uniforms to toilet paper. Since water is a key ingredient in beer, Kirsten wanted to do something to protect it, so the brewery has adopted a local stream. From edible gardens to repurposed old church pews, sustainability has been designed into every consumer touch point.

Kirsten has always been a trailblazer in the brewing industry. More than 25 years ago, she was the first female to get a job in the brewhouse at Lion. Her ambition to make a difference saw her succeed in a largely male dominated industry and paved the way for other female brewers. She continues to influence change today, by championing sustainable brewing practices – those that not only protect the natural resources beer uses, but consider the community and the wellbeing of people who visit the brewery. Her passion has led to a big shift in how Lion, the nation’s biggest alcohol beverage company, sees sustainability.