Mevo gives you the freedom of a car, without the burden of owning one. The average car is used less than 5% of its lifetime. It is an underutilised asset, a financial burden, and an environmental problem. By providing a premium but affordable driving experience in a plug-in hybrid electric car and removing the hassle of private ownership, Mevo is facilitating behaviour change.

Launched in Wellington, Mevo has been operating for almost two years. The company estimates that each Mevo vehicle replaces 11 privately owned vehicles in the city. It has a fleet of 15 electric hybrid Audi A3 e-trons and 14 charging stations around Wellington, and will soon be launching in Auckland. The Mevo car fleet is averaging almost 700 trips a month.

Mevo monitors and offsets its carbon emissions at 120% when the cars are not in electric mode.